My snowy garden

This morning I woke up to a snowy garden, about four inches had accumulated overnight. This is the first snow of the winter, which is very late for us, sometimes it appears in October.

Snow Garden

There was actually thundersnow which woke Jack up but I slept through it.

Garden in Snow

It does look pretty and I’m glad that I thought to take some photos of the garden as it started to rain heavily this evening and it has all been washed away now. Luckily I managed to get my fuchsias under cover just yesterday afternoon, I must have known it was going to snow!

Snowy Garden

6 thoughts on “My snowy garden

    • Iza,
      There’s always mayhem here on the roads here with even an inch of snow on them so I’m not a big fan of snow. It’s fine when you can just stay indoors and look out at it as it looks pretty.

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