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A few days ago we were woken early in the morning with the phone ringing. The call was from our very happy eldest son to say that his wife had given birth to a wee girl, all are well and they’ve named her Isobel Skye. I particularly like the name Isobel. She arrived three weeks early and weighed in at 6lb 6oz. It’s great to be a granny at last! Here she is at just a few minutes old. She’s apparently a very calm baby.


I never dreamed that our first grandchild would come along during a pandemic, the upshot is that we haven’t seen Isobel yet as we aren’t supposed to travel outside Fife. We’ll wait until the restrictions are lifted – and then we might be meeting her outside. In the photo below she is a few days old and looking like she’s wondering what’s going on. She looks very serious. We’ll make up for lost time when things get back to nornmal. How times have changed though as I’m 16 or so years older than my mother was when she first became a grandmother.


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    • Stefanie,
      I knitted the white hat, but I wish I had knitted the green one, it’s lovely. I never thought that a hat would be put on the baby almost as soon as she was born, in my day they were wrapped in shawls, including the back of their head!

  1. Congratulations, Katrina! Your new granddaughter is absolutely beautiful, and I hope you get to see and hold her as soon as it’s possible. I became a grandmother 13 years later than my mom did, so I appreciate the differences you were describing between generations. I think I was more ready for the season of grandparenting than my mom was, but she was a wonderful grandparent, none the less. I guess there are pros and cons to each situation.

    • Paula,
      Thanks. As the youngest of five kids my sons were the 8th and 9th granchildren for my mum, she was very underwhelmed by that time, but I suspect she didn’t like kids anyway! Sadly my dad was long dead by the time I had my boys, he was the one who loved children.

  2. What exciting news! She has a very alert look, in that second picture, doesn’t she?! I like Isobel spelled that way. Had they told you names they were considering or was the name and possibly gender a surprise? It is very disappointing not to be able to go see her right away but I will hope for moderate weather so there can be an outdoor rendezvous. Do they live far away? Time to start looking at those children’s books on your shelves with a new eye!

    I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and my doctor said that although it has been a difficult 9 months for her like everyone she has really enjoyed delivering babies! I thought it was nice to think of her being uplifted by the new arrivals. It is such a tough time to be a doctor.

    • Constance,
      Alert is exactly how I described Isobel in the second photo, I think you can see her brain is working already. Oh yes, I’ve already bought a few board books for her, it’s a great excuse to browse children’s books – not that I ever needed an excuse!

      It’s nice to think that the doctors are getting joy out of delivering babies, they certainly deserve it. I suspect that all the babies born around now have been to worried parents whose plans to start a family or extend their family were scarily surprised by this pandemic turning up.

      They live in Edinburgh, about 30 miles from us, in normal times we go to Edinburgh at least once a week so I’m sure we’ll see them all often, eventually.

  3. Congratulations New Granny. I am sure you will be able to make up for the delay in holding her in due course. The first time will be an even more special moment

    • Jeremy,
      Thank you. I’ve been told that holding her for the first time will be magical. Already I feel that we have a foot in the future now, it’s a good feeling.

  4. Congratulations, Katrina! She’s lovely and Isobel Skye is a beautiful name. I hope you’re able to go and see her before too much longer.

  5. Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. Look at those cheeks! I love her name and I am sure you and Jack will enjoy every minute with her. I hope you can see her in person soon.

    • Jennifer,
      Thank you. I was worried that I wouldn’t like the name she was given but I love it, although she is being called Izzy by her parents already. Isobel might be for Sundays and when she’s naughty!

    • Karen K,

      Thanks, we have to be happy with Zoom at the moment but hopefully we’ll be able to see her before Christmas, but possibly outside in a park – to be safer for everyone.

  6. Huge congratulations. What a beautiful name as well

    Glad to know there has been knitting! I recognise the pattern for the green one.

    They whip a hat on them as soon as they are born (and cleaned up). My mum and I knit for our local maternity unit, and they need them desperately. My midwife friend says they are vital and because parents haven’t got theirs ready they use all the donated ones. Though at an average of 470 babies born per month, that’s a lot of hats!

    I hope you get to see her soon.

    • Jo,
      I knew they would get a lot of first size clothes as gifts so I have been knitting things for a bigger child, apart from first size hats and mittens. I meant to contact you to get the pattern for that lovely wee jacket that you and your mum knit for the premature babies. Presumably the local hospital here are also in need of such things. That seems to be a huge number of babies born each month, I wonder if it’s similar here!

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