Isobel Skye – a wee bit more

Duncan has posted about the birth of Isobel Skye (our granddaughter) so if you’re interested in reading about it from Daddy’s perspective – have a look here.

8 thoughts on “Isobel Skye – a wee bit more

  1. That was a very interesting post by Duncan, Katrina. I bet it was hard for him to not be able to see either mother or daughter for a few days after the birth. But it sounds like all is going very well now.

    • tracybham,
      I think it was really difficult, thankfully they are letting mothers and babies out after just a few days because of Covid, I think normally they are in for about ten days.

  2. Having a new baby, especially the first one, is such an adjustment and change for a couple. I can only imagine that having restrictions in place didn’t make any of that any easier. I’m happy to know they are all safely home…now the fun really begins! I loved seeing the pictures of their family. Congratulations to all of you!

    • Paula,
      I well remember going home with Duncan and realising I didn’t even know how to put on a terry nappy (diaper) and for environmental and financial reasons I wasn’t using disposables, it was a steep learning curve! Duncan has taken time off work which was due so at least they are learning it all together.

  3. Oh, Katrina! The happiest of congratulations and best wishes to your entire family! I’m so very excited for all of you. Please do keep us informed, with updates. Just thinking of it–a grand-daughter–sounds so wonderful. Happy times.

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