A Winter Walk

Our usual morning walk for The Guardian has been somewhat fraught this week as each day the ice underfoot just got thicker, smoother and more dangerous. Crampons would have been the best choice of footwear, but not having those we just had to hang onto each other and hope that we didn’t both skid at the same time. Thankfully neither of us fell as obviously a visit to hospital with broken bones would be even more dangerous in these Covid times.

The path across the nearby golf course resembled a bobsleigh run, and we stuck to the safer option of walking on the iced up grass.

Icy Golf Path, Balbirnie

The recently flooded area due to all the heavy rain that we had had was very popular with ice skaters and ice hockey players though, and the sparkling landscape was pretty too, but I’m glad that a thaw is predicted for next week. Apparently the temperature here is set to be around -7 overnight tonight, which is 19.4 Fahrenheit – according to the internet.

Ice Skaters

Ice Skaters, Balbirnie Park

On a similar topic, I’ve really been enjoying a BBC 4 TV programme called Winter Walks. It doesn’t seem to be on You Tube though. In each walk a well known person takes a winter walk in the countryside while holding a small 360 degree camera, this week one of the walks was through the North Yorkshire Moors, there was also a coastal walk in Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria in the north of England. They’re all such restful viewing.

Perhaps Winter Walks is also on a channel near you.

4 thoughts on “A Winter Walk

  1. Hi Katrina, this is my very first comment but have been avidly reading your wonderful posts since joining ‘Pining for the West’ about ten months ago.

    I just had to type how much your latest photographs and observations are both timely and appreciated. I live in Perth, Western Australia and we are now experiencing about our fifth consecutive day of temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. It was 41 degrees Celsius two days ago which is about 109 Fahrenheit – your gorgeous photos and words captured the sensation of a Scottish winter (have lived through two of them in my life) and it was such a exquisitely cooling and welcome read!

    Am a Librarian and luckily we have excellent air conditioning in our building this morning but we’re very busy with people taking refuge from the heat!


    • Heather-Sophia,
      I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying your visits here and that the recent winter photos had a cooling effect on you! I cannot imagine 41 Celsius, it really would seem like HELL to me, I think I would spend my time lying in a cool bath, but probably people have air conditioning at home too. It seems that your part of Australia got a good grip of Covid, I suppose the heat helps with that, and your outdoor lifestyle. I miss our libraries more than anything. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.
      Best wishes,

  2. The winter walks program sounds delightful. Your own winter walk looks lovely, if a bit harrowing on that path at the golf course! We are currently having a thaw and all the wonderful packed down snow that has been nice to cycle on to and from work has turned to slush and a bit of fright to cycle through.

    • Stefanie,
      We had a thaw for one night, then we had a hard frost again, but it was textured so a lot easier to walk on. We’re due snow soon though and I’m not a fan of that although it’ll be nothing like what you have to put up with. I so admire you for cycling to work in all weathers, my youngest used to do that – eight miles there and back but decided he was too old for it at over 30. I don’t blame him, it’s the wind chill that’s Baltic here.

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