Glamis Castle, the walled garden, and more

It’s a few weeks since we were at Glamis Castle, but I htought you might like to see the few photos I took of the walled garden. I love the gates.

Walled Garden, Glamis Castle

There was still a lot of colour in it, despite it being late September.

Walled Garden, Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland

And there’s a small Japanese garden area complete with Japanese style bridge.

Walled Garden Japanese bridge

I love old stone bridges like the one below.

Glamis Castle Bridge, Angus, Scotland

And old stone staircases too. This one is a lot wider than most, but Glamis Castle was not built as a place of defence it was never expected that this staircase would have marauders bounding up it. The very narrow spiral staircases in castles make it just about impossible for people to wield a sword, especially if you happen to be right handed.
Stairs and antlers, Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland

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4 thoughts on “Glamis Castle, the walled garden, and more

    • Sandra,
      When I’m going down those narrow spiral staircases I’m always frightened of falling, but I suspect that as they are so narrow a body would get wedged in it so you couldn’t fall too far!

  1. What a lovely garden! I never once thought about why spiral staircases in castles are so narrow. Nor about the right-handed thing. I’ve learned something new! thanks!

    • Stefanie,
      I’m not sure if you’ll find that information useful – but I suppose it’s nice to know, even if you’re unlikely to find yourself going up and down ancient spiral staircases!

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