The Case of the Missing Bronte by Robert Barnard

The Case of the Missing Bronte by Robert Barnard was first published in 1983.

Suoerintendent Perry Trethowan of Scotland Yard is driving back to London with his wife Jan after visiting his family in Northumberland, but the car breaks down in the Yorkshire Dales and they’re forced to spend the night in a small village.

While having a drink in the local pub they’re joined by a local. Miss Edith Wing is a retired schoolteacher and she tells them she has just inherited a lot of old documents from her cousin. One of them looks like it might be a Bronte manuscript, it looks very similar to their juvenilia so is written in tiny print and is almost illegible. She wonders if they know anything about such things. Jan confesses that she loves looking at old documents.

In no time they’re all involved in dangerous situations, it’s probably not sensible to talk about such a possibly lucrative possession in the local pub!

I liked this one although it is definitely on the bizarre side, but that’s not a problem for me. While reading it it seemed like a vintage crime publication to me, it might have been something to do with the book cover which is reminiscent of the British Library covers, but I don’t regard 1983 as vintage, maybe I should as it’s almost forty years ago now.

2 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Bronte by Robert Barnard

  1. I have read all of this series, loved some of them, some were just OK. I read this one in 2006, so don’t remember any of the plot and I may go back and try it again. I think I read somewhere that Barnard did not think that this was one of his best books. But I have liked everything I read by him.

    • tracybham,

      I just got his A Little Local Murder from the library so I’ll be getting around to that one soon. Thanks for pointing me in his direction!

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