The Guardian Review 02.11.13

For those who don’t read the Guardian Review I’m just going to link to a few articles which appeared in last Saturday’s Review which I think some people might find interesting.

It’s fifty years since JFKs asssassination, here is a list of the ten best books inspired by it.

Albert Camus seems to be flavour of the moment in the paper and on radio. I haven’t read anything by him yet but I think I’ll remedy that soon. Geoff Dyer writes about him here.

Are you a Penelope Fitzgerald fan? I haven’t read anything by her for some time but there’s a new biography of her out now – Penelope Fitzgerald: A Life by Hermione Lee, have a look at Philip Hensher’s review here.

Today in the car I was listening to Margaret Drabble being interviewed on the radio, speaking about her new book The Pure Gold Baby amongst other things. I’m putting it on my ‘must read’ list. Have a look at Alex Clark’s review here.

Last but certainly not least if you’re keen on Doctor Who you might want to read this article by Simon Winder.

Sometimes there are only a couple of articles in the review which really interest me, this was a particularly good one.