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If you’re interested in the Brontes and Anne in particular you might find this article interesting. It’s a review of a book called Take Courage: Anne Bronte and the Art of Life by Samantha Ellis.

As a teenager I went on a Thomas Hardy binge and read most of his books, so I was interested in reading a review by Dinah Birch of Thomas Hardy: Half a Londoner by Mark Ford.

We’re approaching the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death and the historian Lucy Worsley writes here about why such a well loved author remains so mysterious.

Last but not least Susanna Rustin looks at the career of Winifred Holtby here.

From the Guardian Review

I’ve been so busy recently, doing this and that involving hiring a van and moving furniture we’ve just bought, so it was only tonight that I got a chance to sit down and read the Guardian Review section. It’s the bicentenary of Charlotte Bronte’s birth, so there’s an article about Jane Eyre and comments from various writers and artists on their thoughts about Jane Eyre. You can read them all here. I have to say that I’m a Jane Eyre fan rather than Wuthering Heights, although I enjoyed that one too, it didn’t have such an impact on me as Jane did. Which camp are you in Jane or Wuthering?

If you’ve been enjoying reading Hilary Mantel’s books you might be interested in reading about her working day here.

If knickers and undergarments are what get you going you might be interested in reading about the new V&A exhibition that has just opened in London called Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear. You can read about it here. The article is by Lucy Worsley who no doubt is a knowledgeable historian but she does have a penchant for diving into the dressing up box given half a chance, like an over enthusiastic four year old.