My Spring Garden

Flowers, my garden

There’s quite alot of colour in the garden at the moment, spring is definitely here as far as the flowers are concerned, but it started to snow not long after I took these photos!

daffodils, my garden

I haven’t planted many daffodils as there are so many wild ones growing in the woodland near my house, but these ones above are smaller and daintier than the more common daffs.

Flowers , my garden

The primroses and primulas do well here as they seed all around the place, I love getting plants for free! The hellebore below seems to be the only one thriving in the clay soil of my garden, at least two other varieties seem to have disappeared.

Flowers, my garden, hellebores

The red quince is flowering well as you can see but my white one is later, I hope it has survived our seemingly never ending winter.

quince  Flowers , my garden

The very slow growing holly below is supposedly suitable for rockeries, so far so good as I’m not great at hacking back shrubs, I feel their pain!

small holly, my garden

The tulips are flowering earlier than usual, very surprising given what our weather has been like and this pot has been frozen solid at times.
tulips, my garden

Not long after I took these photos it began to snow – such is life!

primulas, my garden

Jigsaw puzzle – a Dutch bulbfield

Last week when after a lot of trying the snow began to pile up in earnest outside I decided to crack open a new jigsaw puzzle. I know – so daring of me – others might crack open the beer or wine – but I’m made of more boring stuff I suppose.

Jigsaw, a Dutch Scene

As ever it wasn’t long before I was beginning to wonder why I had succumbed yet again to this version of madness, it’s an addiction I suppose. Normally by now I would either have visited family in the Netherlands or be planning to do so soon, but the closest I’ll get to that this year is this jigsaw puzzle of a windmill and a Dutch bulbfield.

Actually it wasn’t as difficult as I feared it might be but as you can see the sky is almost defeating me, today I only fitted about four pieces in and I have my doubts about them being correct, but it isn’t going to defeat me, or should I say us as Jack has helped now and again. This is definitely going to be the last puzzle of the season though, well the snow has almost all gone!

Scottish Garden in spring


This is a photo of the apple blossom in my garden. I have a couple of other apple trees which I planted but although they are quite tall they can’t be mature enough to flower yet, so no apples from those ones this year.


The few days of warm weather which we had last week fairly brought the flowers on, these fritillaries are favourites of mine. They look like they’ve been painted by a fairy. The white flowers next to them are a type of viburnum.


I’m wondering if these tulips will reappear next year or if they will do what they used to do in my old garden and appear for one year only. Apart from the couple which I didn’t plant which came up every year of the 26 years we lived there.


Doronicum, well I think that’s what they are but I’m not brilliant with perennials, I’ll have to check my plant labels. Whatever, these yellow flowers which I planted last summer were in flower for months so I was surprised that they flowered again so early in the season. It’ll be interesting to see how long they last.


The ferns in the nearby woodland are just beginning to unfurl. I can almost hear them stretching up to the light.


That’s just some of the things which are flowering in my garden now and it’s a cruel fact of life that after I took these photos the wind changed direction and came straight at us from the Arctic, we even had a few snow flurries. I might shiver in the wind but so far the plants are standing up well!

Spring Flowers

How are you coping with the winter? I shouldn’t really complain because we’ve had practically no snow, so far, but all the towns around us had snow which means that we haven’t been very far afield, after all there’s no point in driving into dodgy weather and icy roads.

But I can’t wait for spring and I’ve been having a look at my garden, the daffodils are just green spikes poking about two or three inches above the earth, and today I discovered two snowdrops which should be flowering in a few days. There should be more of them but I see it as something of a miracle that there are any about to flower at all because the soil seems have been sodden for most of last year really and I thought that the bulbs might have rotted.

Anyway the fact that my garden was such a disappointment last year is making me all the more impatient for things to get going now, so I ended up buying myself some spring flowers and I thought you might like a glimpse of them.

flowers 2

Well, they’ve cheered me up!