The Bookshop Guide

A list of second hand bookshops in the UK divided by region/country can be found here. You can search it by stock or location.

I’ve been lucky in the past as the bookshops that I’ve visited because they appear on this list have always still been in existence, but I imagine that given how difficult it is to keep a small business thriving nowadays then some of them may now be defunct.

Happy hunting!

Lucy Mangan – on secondhand bookshops

I always enjoy Lucy Mangan’s column in the Guardian Weekend section but this week’s is about secondhand bookshops. So just in case you don’t read the Guardian routinely, but also have a love for those wonderful serendipitous shops, I thought I would link to her article
which you can read here.

Now I’m just annoyed that Norfolk is so far away from me and I didn’t find any of the bookshops when we were near there briefly last year.