Deer, garden and dogs

A couple of weeks ago we saw four deer together close to where we now live, that’s the most we’ve seen at any one time, the same day one jumped out of the undergrowth right in front of us, it was being chased by a dog but luckily its owner called it off and it was an obedient dog.


But now look what has happened, I knew it would snow, just as everything was growing nicely in the garden.
snow 2

As you can see it had already begun to melt away by lunchtime. We got about three inches of snow which I know is nothing compared with other people but I’m longing for the spring and as it’s March it should be getting warmer, not colder. My new fruit trees are all showing signs of growth too, I suppose it could be worse, they could be flowering and frosted flowers would mean no fruit at all. The two bird boxes which I’ve attached to the fence have been getting interest from the blue-tits, I hope some of them decide that they are just the sort of des res that they are looking for.

snow 3

So it was a day for indoors, I actually baked Joan’s Muffin Surprise and also some treacle scones, the only kind I’ve had much success with in the past. I’m going to try cherry scones soon though.

Here’s a photo I took a few weeks ago whilst out on a walk. I was amazed and a wee bit trepidatious when I saw this woman coming along the path with a whole load of loose dogs, not a lead in sight. She had nine dogs – seven Border collies and two Border terriers, but I had no need to worry because she was top dog and she had them under complete control, which is more than can be said for a lot of dog walkers. God alone knows what her house must be like with that lot though!

dogs 1

By the way I was checking the spelling of trepidatious (or trepidacious as an alternative) and found this thread. I was surprised it was first noted only in 1904. That’s the sort of thing that interests me but it might not anyone else. Own up if it does.

8 thoughts on “Deer, garden and dogs

  1. It’s always interesting to find out more about anything, including words.

    Goodness me, what a magnificent pack of dogs!

    I hope the coming season is kind to your garden.

    • Valerie,
      The snow is nearly all gone now and I’ve had a look around the garden, nothing seems to have been frosted, thankfully. When I was a wee girl we had one Border collie – and that was enough for us to be coping with!

  2. Sorry for your snow! It’s March now though, spring is on the way for sure. It’s a good thing you have such a tall fence or those deer would be inviting themselves into your garden.

    • Stefanie,
      I know, in fact I don’t know if that fence would keep them out if they really wanted to get in, I saw onestep over a fence a few feet lower but it put no effort into it at all. I’m more worried about the rabbits finding their way in mind you – I love them but not that much. The snow didn’t do any damage and everything seems to be growing.

  3. Deer and snow – that’s a familiar combination here in Iowa. While I’m in a city (Waterloo), deer abound here, drawn to train tracks, where cars full of corn (maize) spill some of their cargo onto the roadbed. As soon as the trains pass, the deer come out for a good feed. It makes driving at night a bit interesting, because you do NOT want to hit a deer. I recently had a largish doe leap out in front of me as I was driving, and spun on the ice trying to avoid her. She was unharmed – I hope she appreciated my efforts! To say nothing of my fright.

    • Sandy,
      We have danger of deer signs on roads around here but I had rarely seen any until this year. Mind you a friend did hit a deer and its hoof went right through her windscreen and just missed her head. That deer seemed unharmed too, they seem to be fairly tough! Peggy Ann’s son in Maryland hit a deer and the car was wrecked!

  4. Seeing the woman with her dogs makes me think of a scene in I Know Where I’m Going! where the character Catriona strides up to her home with a pack of hounds all around her. She and the dogs are in silhouette I believe, set against the fog.

    • Christy,
      I had to google that film, amazingly neither Jack or I have ever seen it. Having read about it I must track it down. Good name for a character!

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