The Gems of Secret Scotland from Visit Scotland

Visit Scotland have sent me 27 ‘gems of secret Scotland‘ I’m not sure how many of them could be seen as secret but I’ve only visited around half of them. I’ll be going to Orkney in the summer though so I’ll be able to tick a few more places off the list.

But Loch Katrine (below) is one of my favourite places, somewhere I’ve been visiting since I was a wee girl.

Loch Katrine

I’m planning to visit the Isle of May this summer too so I’ll be getting up close to puffins for the first time ever.

Isle of May

And I’ve never even heard of Sueno’s Stone but I love standing stones so that’s definitely going on the list of places to visit.

Sueno's Stone

Have you been to many of the locations mentioned in the Visit Scotland post?

6 thoughts on “The Gems of Secret Scotland from Visit Scotland

  1. Oh goodness – Loch Katrine is simply beautiful! (And named after you of course! 😉 ) I’m very much looking forward to hearing about your planned Scottish travels over the summer. And I’m very envious of both the Orkneys and the puffins especially!

  2. Since I have never been to Scotland I can safely say I have never been to any of locations. But I hope to make to your beautiful country one day!

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