from The Guardian Books section and Visit Scotland

It’s absolutely yonks since I shared a Guardian books link. I was particularly interested in The Books of My Life bit as this week it featured Penelope Lively, a writer I’ve really enjoyed in the past. You can read it here. I was interested to read that she too has been disappointed when re-reading what had been favourite books in the past, but sometimes she falls back in love with them again. I don’t know if I could be bothered with having another go though – considering how many books I still want to read for the first time.

There’s also a section on some of the books due to be published this coming year which you can read here if you’re interested.

If you happen to be more interested in what’s going on in Scotland you might enjoy looking at the Visit Scotland site. Even if you can’t travel here you can enjoy seeing what’s going on and maybe plan a trip for the future.

Scots Language explained, a little

If you’re interested in Scottish words the video below explains five Scots words in an amusing way, with some nice illustrative scenery.

Courtesy of Visit Scotland

The Gems of Secret Scotland from Visit Scotland

Visit Scotland have sent me 27 ‘gems of secret Scotland‘ I’m not sure how many of them could be seen as secret but I’ve only visited around half of them. I’ll be going to Orkney in the summer though so I’ll be able to tick a few more places off the list.

But Loch Katrine (below) is one of my favourite places, somewhere I’ve been visiting since I was a wee girl.

Loch Katrine

I’m planning to visit the Isle of May this summer too so I’ll be getting up close to puffins for the first time ever.

Isle of May

And I’ve never even heard of Sueno’s Stone but I love standing stones so that’s definitely going on the list of places to visit.

Sueno's Stone

Have you been to many of the locations mentioned in the Visit Scotland post?

Edinburgh via Visit Scotland – 12 hidden gems you must explore

The weather here has been fairly decent over the past few days and I’ve been busy getting some gardening done, but today we drove north to Dunkeld. The forecast said heavy April showers and the satellite photo didn’t look great but it turned out to be a beautiful day, but more of that when I’ve had time to go through the photos.

Meanwhile you might be interested in having a wee look at some places in or near Edinburgh that are worthwhile visiting.

The photo below is Dean Village one of my favourite places for a lovely city walk. You would never believe that you are so close to busy streets.

Dean village

Visit Scotland – and Stromness, Orkney

I’ve received another email from Visit Scotland, telling of the many attractions of this country. You can see it all here.

We’re already booked up for Stromness in Orkney later in the year and you can see some of its attractions here.

It looks very peaceful in this photo but I imagine it must be quite a busy place – when the ferry comes in anyway.


Visit Scotland – Orkney

Scapa Flow

One of the places we hope to visit this year is Orkney, doesn’t the photo of Scapa Flow above look great?! It’s all incredibly historic, or maybe I mean pre-historic.

The photo below is of Skara Brae, I’ve wanted to go there for years even although I thought it was just what you can see in the photo, but last week I saw it on TV and the site is much bigger than this. The dwellings are 5,000 years old.

Skara Brae

You can see lots more photos of Orkney on Visit Scotland here.

Saint Andrew’s Day


Here we are again at Saint Andrew’s Day – and it’s traditional for those of us actually living in Scotland to do absolutely nothing to celebrate it. But I’ve been sent some winter break ideas by Visit Scotland so I thought I would share them, you can see them here.

Mind you I have tatties and a turnip and I suppose I could get a haggis for our dinner – that’s celebration enough.

Visit Scotland – A leaf peeper’s guide to autumn woodland walks

I’m beginning to think that Visit Scotland should be paying me for promoting tourism in Scotland, but they keep sending me lovely ideas for places to visit and I just have an urge to share their ideas. You can see their suggestions for places to visit in autumn here.

Below is The Hermitage in Perthshire, one of my favourite fairly local places to visit.


And I visited the Falls of Dochart below a few days ago.

Falls of Dochart

I haven’t visited any of the others though – so many places to see!

Visit Scotland – City Breaks

If it’s a city break in Scotland that you’re looking for then you should have a wee keek at the latest post from Visit Scotland which you can see here.

I laughed when I read that there are about 30 golf courses within an hour’s drive of the city (all the cities presumably). I reckon there are about 300 golf courses within an hour’s drive from me!

Visit Scotland – Quirky Getaways

Visit Scotland has posted 14 quirky places to stay in Scotland. You can look at the whole post here.

I quite fancy trying out this ‘broch’.


or maybe Sumburgh Lighthouse.
Sumburgh Lighthouse

Tree Howf at Dunblane looks quite luxurious.

Tree Howf

Or a shepherd’s hut on Skye, for a very close couple I think!

Shepherd's Hut

They’re definitely quirky holiday homes.