Christmas Dream – Perry Como

I was listening to the radio the other day and Michael Ball (the presenter) played Christmas Dream by Perry Como, and I was amazed when he said he had never heard it before. Maybe he’s too young. It apparently featured in the 1974 film of The Odessa File and was written by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice, that was a surprise to me although I’m sure I’ve seen the film – back in the year dot.

It’s a bit of an ear-worm though and I can’t get it out of my head, so I thought I’d be generous and pass it on!

9 thoughts on “Christmas Dream – Perry Como

  1. That is a new Perry Como song to me, but I really like the music, and I always love his smooth voice. Thanks!

  2. I really like this song! I never hear it played on the all radio Christmas formats that start every November 15th across the country! I did get a copy of the 45rpm from the jukebox vendor when he changed it at the pizza place i worked at back in 1974.

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