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I had to go to the library today to pick up a book that I had requested called The Love-charm of Bombs Restless Lives in the Second World War. I know that I scooted over to the Fife libraries catalogue after reading about it on someone’s blog – but of course I can’t remember which blog.

I had truly intended staying away from libraries so that I wouldn’t be tempted by the books because it’s absolutely fatal to the ever growing piles of unread books of my own. Inevitably I also borrowed The Driver’s Seat by Muriel Spark and A Time of Love and Tartan (a 44 Scotland Street novel) by Alexander McCall Smith. Well those ones will count towards my personal reading Scotland challenge.

Have you read any of these ones?

On a more personal note – I’m going to get my hair cut tomorrow! Who knows what I will end up looking like? Past experiences have made me quite hair salon phobic but anything must be an improvement surely as at the moment I feel like Dill the dog from The Herbs and if you want to know what he looked like have a wee keek here. Minus the black nose of course.

8 thoughts on “Library books

  1. Good luck with the haircut…that dog picture is hilarious! I have worn my hair short for years, and it just keeps me happy. I don’t like spending time or money on it, so this works for me. Hope you post a picture!

  2. I usually cut my own hair, but cutting the back is difficult. Fortunately, my hair is wavy and is quite forgiving. I had it cut professionally in early December, but now I need a trim. However, the salon I went to has awful lighting and what I refer to as an ‘ogre mirror’. I couldn’t bear to look at myself as she was cutting! I don’t look that bad in any other mirrors, so I’m not really sure if I want to go back to that salon!
    I agree totally about the library. I plan to limit myself to two library books a month and to read from my own stacks of books.

    • Joan,
      That’s so weird about the mirror, you would think they would want people to look as good as possible in their mirrors, not ghastly. My hair only has a slight wave here and there so I really have to get it straight at the back. I used to be able to layer the sides well myself – but seem to have lost the knack.

  3. A good hairdresser will style hair to make the most of its best features and to frame your face beautifully. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience.

    • Valerie,
      But finding a good hairdresser seems to be difficult! She was nice and did a good jog apart from where it frames my face, I asked her to layer and feather it there and she just sort of ‘chipped’ into it. Her idea of layering was obviously different from mine. Then her next client was waiting – so I caved in and gave up.

  4. I do hope you read the Muriel Spark. I read a short story of hers over Christmas–it was in a collection of Christmas short stories, and I think it was the best or at least the most amusing, in a tongue-in-cheek sort or way, Christmas short story I read this year. (Setting: A young woman on a flight from Australia to England.) If you like, I’ll get the title. )

    I have desperately needed a haircut for at least a year! It’s so long, it’s ridiculous. Just for sanity’s sake, I need to lop four inches off. So I wish you happiness with your new cut.

    • Judith,
      That’s exactly what I got – four inches lopped off, it feels so much lighter now but it grows so quickly.
      The Muriel Spark is so short, just 90 pages so it’ll take me no time to read it. I intend to read them all – eventually.

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