Another walk – Cockburnspath and Cove, Scottish Borders / Berwickshire part 2

To get down to the right hand side of the beach at Cove you have to walk through this tunnel. It was constructed years ago and goes through the cliffs. It was no mean feat to build it and it’s very dark inside, you just have to aim for the light at the end of it and watch out for the potholes.

Cove Tunnel

At the beginning it’s shored up with brick but I think most of it inside is just rough rock face, but as it’s so dark in there I don’t know for sure.
Cove Tunnel

To get over to the beach on the other side you have to go back through the tunnel. These cottages are all that’s left of what had once been a thriving fishing community, all of the other cottages have been swept away by the sea.

Cove Harbour

Cove Harbour

Thecottages are only used to store fishing gear.

Cove Harbour , creels

The houses below are bit more modern and set back from the seashore. I still wouldn’t fancy being in them during a storm though.

Cove Harbour

Looking closer you can see that the cliffs are well upholstered with gorse bushes, they fairly brighten the place and seem to be in bloom most of the year – just don’t fall into it!

Cove Harbour


A train unexpectedly shot across a field. It’s many many years since I had toddlers walking beside me but whenever I see a train I still have an urge to point it out to them!

train, Cockburnspath

We walked back to Cockburnspath by a different route and came across this rather grand ram. When we first spotted him he was having a fine time attacking the hessian sacking wit his huge horns but he stopped to scrutinise us. Obviously we were more interesting, or just a welcome distraction. He was probably bored but seemed too aggresive to have any company in the field with him.


Just beyond the ram’s field are these farm buildings, very neglected and seemingly unused. Whenever I see places like this I just itch to put them to rights. I hate that farmers just let old buildings fall down.

Farm buildings, near Cove, Scottish Borders

Farm  buildings near Cove

Farm  near Cove
We walked along farmland paths
Farmland, Cockburnspath, Scottish Borders
and then along the field margins.
Farm view  sheep, Cove, Scottish Borders

And back to Cockburnspath for a well earned coffee.

Farmland , Cockburnspath, Scottish Borders

6 thoughts on “Another walk – Cockburnspath and Cove, Scottish Borders / Berwickshire part 2

  1. The ram would just be a nuisance at this time of year with new lambs appearing now or soon.
    I’ve never before seen a beastie with four horns like that.
    A pity about the old buildings falling into disrepair but I suppose with changing land-use and different methods they’re not required and simply uneconomic to fix. Beautiful stonework though.

    • Valerie,
      He is really fantastic, like something prehistoric. I imagine he will feature in the local agricultural shows.
      Those buildings are close to the ‘big house’ which will be the farmer’s house. They don’t need so many workers now and won’t want to sell of the houses they lived in as it’s really within their farm.

      I wish you could send your prime minister over here to sort out our Westminster lot!

  2. I so enjoyed this walk a couple of days ago, but haven’t offered a comment yet. I love the “art” and the “craft” behind all of your photos on these jaunts. They make for an inspiring adventure and urge me to get out with my camera.

    • Judith,
      Since taking those photos we’ve been pulled back into winter again with freezing winds and hail, so they’re nice photos for me to look back on.

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