World War 2 War Memorial – St Petersburg, Russia

WW2 Monument, St Petersburg, Russia

Over the last couple of days we’ve had the commemorations of the D-Day landings which were attended by the leaders of the allies and also by the German leader, Angela Merkel. But there was apparently no invite for President Putin, despite the fact that they were definitely our allies and if Hitler hadn’t taken on more than he could handle when he attacked Russia it’s almost certain that we would all be speaking German now. It was a close run thing.

I’m definitely not a fan of Putin, but given the fact that the Soviets lost more people in the war than anyone else, it seems mean and petty to leave them out of the memorial services. So I thought I’d show you a couple of photos of the War Memorial at the top of Nevsky Prospekt which is St Petersburg’s equivalent of Paris’s Champs Elysees or Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street.

WW2 Monument, St Petersburg, Russia

4 thoughts on “World War 2 War Memorial – St Petersburg, Russia

  1. Thanks, Katrina, for showing this WWII Russian monument. I agree with you that the Soviet Union lost so many lives–an estimated 20 million, though probably more–and were so indispensable to the total conquest of Nazi Germany, that they should have had a presence of some sort at these events. I feel for the Russian people–it was THEY who needed a representative. Alas.
    If only stupid Donald Trump had been left at home. I hear you. Such a humiliating abomination.

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