Helsinki – via Jack @ A Son of the Rock

It was May last year – the glory days when we could wander – when we were on a Baltic cruise, how lucky were we that it wasn’t this May! Anyway I am way behind with doing blogposts about the various places we visited. Jack has been far more methodical so if you want to see what our visit to Helsinki looked like have a look here.

My abiding memory of the city is the long walk out to the Sibelius monument and the menu at a posh restaurant in a small park which was charging a lot of money for carrot foam. Truly!

2 thoughts on “Helsinki – via Jack @ A Son of the Rock

  1. Gosh, Jack’s pictures take me back. We did several jobs in Helsinki in the early 1980s, staying for a couple of weeks each time, and I fell in love with the place. Yes, the Sibelius monument and the Railway Station are the stars, but there are loads of other wonderful parts of the city. It was just as horrendously expensive then, but we discovered that the most affordable place to eat was the restaurant attached to the catering college, where the students produced and served delicious traditional Finnish food.

    • Janet,
      We only had a few hours in Helsinki so could only get a wee glimpse of it really so couldn’t soak up the atmosphere much. I bet you were glad that you found the catering college restaurant. One woman on the cruise bought a pair of knickers there as she was running out apparently (don’t know why she didn’t wash some!) and they cost her £60. I liked Helsinki but not as much as Stockholm or St Petersburg.

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