Beamish Folk Museum, County Durham, England

We are members of lots of arty and historical organisations such as the National Trust, Scottish Heritage, Friends of the Edinburgh Galleries and such AND we got annual passes to Beamish folk museum when we visited there last year, it’s situated near Stanley in County Durham. We were sure we would go back as we had such a good time there but we didn’t manage to get there as planned at Christmas and after the winter it didn’t open because of the Covid-19 situation of course. Anyway it turns out that I didn’t blog about it although I could have sworn that I did. Here are some of the photos I took. In the beginning Beamish was just farmland, you can read about the history of the place here. The buildings have all been moved to the site brick by brick and stone by stone to be saved for posterity rather than being demolished.

Beamish, Church + from waggonway

There are all sorts of buildings there, below is Pockersley Hall which has a lovely chocolate box garden.

Pockersley Hall, Beamish, County Durham, folk museum

A teeny wee thatched cottage, this photo was taken from an ancient steam train as we were riding on it.

thatched cottage, Beamish from waggonway

And this is the train we were on, I remember seeing illustrations of a train like this one when I was ‘doing’ the Industrial Revolution at school, I never thought I’d actually have a trip on one!

Puffing Billy and train, Beamish, County Durham

You can go inside all the buildings, a few of them I would quite happily have lived in.

Farm terrace, Beamish, County Durham

Volunteers are on hand, living the life, rolling out pastry or whatever and answering questions.

1930s fireplace, Beamish, County Durham

Actually it all seemed very homely to me as most of the ‘stuff’ was very similar to the furniture that we had had to get rid of when we downsized to a more modern and manageable house – all of six years ago now. I looked at a Victorian bed chest and could have sworn it had been ours! And the gate below is exactly the same as the back gate of the 1930s house that I grew up in, except ours was in better condition and painted rural green.

1930s gate, Beamish, County Durham, folk museum

1930s chairs, Beamish, County Durham, folk museum

Do you remember those halcyon days when we didn’t have to worry about crowds and social distancing? Below is the queue for the working bakery at Beamish but we didn’t bother to join the queue, it looked like they might run out of stuff to sell anyway! I was really taking the photo of the lovely Edwardian?Victorian window. There’s also an old sweetie shop selling authentic sweets, we DID queue up for that one. Indian Limes anyone? They were delicious.

Beamish, Edwardian  windows,

We hope we’ll be able to visit again – sometime.

Pockersley Hall from road, Beamish, folk museum, County Durham

6 thoughts on “Beamish Folk Museum, County Durham, England

  1. What lovely pictures. England, Ireland and Scotland all seem so much more lush and green in pictures or when I see them on film than America. Seeing them always makes me long to visit. Some day.

    One of many reasons I enjoy visiting author and artist Terri Windling’s site, in addition to her wonderful explorations of fantasy and folk lore is that she will post pictures of walks around the countryside where she lives, in Dartmoor. they are always so beautiful.

    • Carl,
      And Wales too of course. It’s all the rain that makes it so green, but we take it for granted and I’m happy to have the rain rather than dry heat. I usually put a lot of our outings on ‘Pining’ and they’re usually rural and feature a lot of castles, many of which have featured in Outlander. But the area near where we live is scenic too so we’re very lucky.If you ever get to Edinburgh we’ll show you around!

    • Carl,

      Thanks for the link. The river looks very British, we have a similar but smaller one a short distance from our house. I love rivers, maybe it’s the Wind in the Willows influence.

      • Yes, if I could live close to water I would enjoy it. I wouldn’t mind rain in exchange for such lush greenery. We finally got a decent long rain today, with more forecasted for the evening. We really needed it.

        We will take you up on the tour if we ever make it there!

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