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Today I just have a couple of bookish links from this week’s Guardian.

There’s a review by Kathryn Hughes of Frostquake: The Frozen Winter of 1962 and How Britain Emerged a Different Country by Juliet Nicolson which sounds like an interesting read to me.

I enjoyed reading author Jane Smiley’s answers in The books that made me article which you can read here. In her answer to My earliest reading memory she mentions Laura Lee Hope’s The Bobsey Twins. I loved those books as a youngster and I’ve never seen anyone else mention them.

Did you read any of Laura Lee Hope’s books?

2 thoughts on “Guardian links

  1. Yes! I loved the Bobsey Twins; Sue Barton, Nurse, too. I’m of a slightly older vintage than you. I also loved Enid Blyton, before she was frowned upon. All these books, and many, many more made me the reader I’ve been all my life. Happy memories!

    • Jane,
      That’s exactly the same as me, my only regret is that I moved on from children’s books too early and missed out on so many I should have read back then, I’m trying to fill in the gaps now. I started reading Agatha Chrstie when I was about ten, her books seemed like the natural thing to read after exhausting The Famous Five! Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.


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