Jigsaw puzzle – a Dutch bulbfield

Last week when after a lot of trying the snow began to pile up in earnest outside I decided to crack open a new jigsaw puzzle. I know – so daring of me – others might crack open the beer or wine – but I’m made of more boring stuff I suppose.

Jigsaw, a Dutch Scene

As ever it wasn’t long before I was beginning to wonder why I had succumbed yet again to this version of madness, it’s an addiction I suppose. Normally by now I would either have visited family in the Netherlands or be planning to do so soon, but the closest I’ll get to that this year is this jigsaw puzzle of a windmill and a Dutch bulbfield.

Actually it wasn’t as difficult as I feared it might be but as you can see the sky is almost defeating me, today I only fitted about four pieces in and I have my doubts about them being correct, but it isn’t going to defeat me, or should I say us as Jack has helped now and again. This is definitely going to be the last puzzle of the season though, well the snow has almost all gone!

6 thoughts on “Jigsaw puzzle – a Dutch bulbfield

  1. It’s very cheery, just what we need at this time of year. It’s snowing as I write. We’re about to start a puzzle of whisky labels. I’m sure my Jack will have a wee nip every now and then, inspired by the puzzle!

  2. When it gets to that stage,I end up trying every piece in each position to narrow it down. Tedious to some satisfying to me. The jigsaws continue all year here .

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