A Dutch bulbfield jigsaw puzzle

At last the Dutch bulbfield jigsaw puzzle is finished and I have to admit that if it had been up to me I would have given up on it – that would have been the first time ever, but Jack was absolutely determined to finish it so when I got too frustrated and cross-eyed with the sky he went on with it. There was even an extra piece! You can see that off to the side in the photo.

Completed Jigsaw of Dutch Scene

The actual puzzle looks far nicer in reality than it looks in the photo, it’s very detailed, but the photo makes it look cartoonish to me. It’s definitely the last of the season – even if we do get more snow – which I sincerely hope doesn’t happen.

4 thoughts on “A Dutch bulbfield jigsaw puzzle

    • Whispering Gums,
      No the picture is fine and does just look like the fields in the Netherlands that I’ve driven past, but it doesn’t look great in the photo I think. Yes that puzzle was sold with another one in the same box so maybe that piece is from the other puzzle, but I’ll wait until next winter before doing that one.

  1. An extra piece? That’s just evil! It makes you doubt everything. And now you will have to be sure to not lose it so you will have it in case it goes with the other puzzle you mention!

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