The Grove of Eagles by Winston Graham – 20 Books of Summer 2021

 The Grove of Eagles cover

The Grove of Eagles by Winston Graham was first published in 1963 and the setting is mainly Cornwall although at times the action moves to Spain and London.

The story is told by Maugan Killigrew who has grown up at Arwenack House in Cornwall. Maugan is his father’s eldest son but he is a base son – illegitimate – but as his mother is dead he has been brought up in his father’s household. It’s a busy one as his gentle step-mother seems to be forever pregnant. Maugan’s father is a philanderer and up to his ears in debt despite having an important situation as commander of a castle at the mouth of the River Fal.

Maugan’s ambition is to go to sea and make something of himself, as it’s the 1590s and Sir Walter Raleigh visits his father from time to time Maugan hopes that Raleigh will take him on in some capacity and he can make his fortune at sea. With the second Spanish Armada attacking the Cornish coast in 1597 things don’t quite go to plan for Maugan.

This was a good read, marred only slightly for me by what seemed like quite long sections of sea battles. As ever I’m more interested in the domestic side of history, and of course there’s a romance involved.

Some of the characters were based on actual people who lived in Cornwall at that time, and as you would expect from Winston Graham it’s all very authentic and atmospheric. It’s a fairly long read at 576 pages.

This book was one of my 20 Books of Summer.

6 thoughts on “The Grove of Eagles by Winston Graham – 20 Books of Summer 2021

  1. I thought I had read all of Winston Graham’s books but my library must not have had this one. Of course, I enjoyed all of Poldark but I also liked The Walking Stick and at least one other standalone.

    • Constance,
      I’ve read all of the Poldark books at least twice over the decades and some of his stand alone books but I didn’t even realise this one existed until I saw it in a secondhand bookshop recently.

  2. Well, I feel very ignorant because I was unaware of Winston Graham. So I looked him up and now I see familiar things he has written (Poldark series, Marnie), although I don’t think I ever read anything by him. So at least I have learned something today.

    This book does sound interesting but the length puts me off.

    • tracybham,

      It’s weird the way we all have those unaccountable gaps, but then I don’t suppose we can be expected to know all well known authors. Every day is a learning day!

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