Tenniel’s Alice in Wonderland – a Jigsaw Puzzle

I was lucky enough to get a couple of 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles as Christmas presents, and as the Christmas festivities were very low profile indeed – it was just me and Jack on the actual day – and there was absolutely nothing worth watching on TV, it wasn’t long before we broke into the first puzzle which as you can see is a John Tenniel illustration from Alice in Wonderland, produced by the British Library.

Tenniel Alice in Wonderland Jigsaw

I think Tenniel’s illustrations are the best, but all that cross-hatching made this a fiendish puzzle to complete. Believe it or not I found all the white areas to be easier to deal with, at least I didn’t go cross-eyed with those bits.

Nearly Complete Tenniel Alice in Wonderland Jigsaw

As ever though there was a huge feeling of accomplishment as we fitted in the last piece, indeed we each put a finger on it and we slid it in together. It’ll be a wee while before we tackle the next one though! That one is an image from Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflower series.

Completed Tenniel Alice in Wonderland Jigsaw Puzzle

Alice in Wonderland

I’ve been buying copies of Peter Pan for years, there are lots of different versions, but a couple of weeks ago it was another Alice in Wonderland which I added to my collection of children’s books, I must have been taken over by Joan for a wee while! I only had one from the 1980s but it has the original Tenniel illustrations. My ‘new’ version was published in 1962 and is illustrated by David Walsh and John Cooper, they’re quite dark and slightly menacing in atmosphere I think, but I like them.

If you’re interested in Alice and Wonderland and the many artists who have illustrated the books over the years you might want to have a look at Dodo & Co here.

I still love the old Tenniel and Arthur Rackham illustrations but there are lots of others who have tackled the job over the years. There’s a long list in the sidebar which you can click on to have a peek. I hadn’t realised that Mabel Lucie Attwell had illustrated Alice, and I have quite a few of her books and prints.

I hadn’t even heard of George Soper, his work is very similar to Rackham, just a bit more colourful. Anyway, it’s worth having a click down the list to see illustrations old and newish – if you’re interested in Alice. This is the cover of the book which I was lucky enough to buy, I got this image from the internet though, my copy is is in perfect condition, unusual I think.
Alice in Wonderland