European Summit – again

This would be a tweet if I were on Twitter.

Boris Johnson said that David Cameron ‘played a blinder’ at the summit yesterday and Tories seem to be queuing up to agree with him.

Have I wandered into some sort of hospital for the mentally infirm?!

David Cameron has poked himself and the whole of Britain in the eye with a pointed stick. Definitely a blinder!

European Summit

I was watching the TV news earlier today and saw the preparations for the meal which they are going to have tonight. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns. Has nobody told the politicians that Europe is skint and up to the eyeballs in debt?!

I don’t see that it’s necessary for them to have a meal at all, and certainly not a big fancy beanfeast which they seem to be setting the scene for. The most they should be having is tap water, beans on toast then some instant coffee and a digestive biscuit. It’s more than some poor souls will be able to afford.

You would think that given the circumstances they would be embarrassed to be spending any money on this summit. I’m sure they could communicate with each other just as well via the internet.

Of course we are the people who will be paying for it all through taxes, it’s about time they realised that things are too serious to be spending anything on expensive fripperies – it dawned on the rest of us ages ago.

I must say that I’m not one of those nutcases who think we should not be in the European Union, it would cost us more to be outside it anyway but that doesn’t mean that I think it’s perfect, there’s an awful lot of room for improvement.