European Summit – again

This would be a tweet if I were on Twitter.

Boris Johnson said that David Cameron ‘played a blinder’ at the summit yesterday and Tories seem to be queuing up to agree with him.

Have I wandered into some sort of hospital for the mentally infirm?!

David Cameron has poked himself and the whole of Britain in the eye with a pointed stick. Definitely a blinder!

4 thoughts on “European Summit – again

  1. Absolutely and it’s the same here in America. Are you familiar with the old movie ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’? They were called pod people-the ones that the aliens took over their bodies-and I always say that the politicians running the government now are Pod People. It truly must be a global phenomenon!

    Saw pics of the hurricane damage over at your place on youtube. Glad you are okay!

    • Peggy,
      Yes, I know that film. Our politicians might as well be aliens, they’re so completely divorced from reality. It drives me nuts that they don’t seem to be able to learn from history either, so we just all have to sit and watch a slow motion car crash!

      Amazingly nobody was badly hurt, not even the driver of the double decker bus which was knocked over in the wind.

    • Jo,
      There’s certainly no point in worrying about it because we can’t do anything and Cameron is just behaving like a baby who has thrown everything out of his pram.

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