Swallows, Deer and Garden Update

I was showing my sister around our new place today and we were looking at the garden from the kitchen when we suddenly realised that there were birds swooping and circling all around the garden. The swallows have arrived, they definitely weren’t here yesterday. What is that saying? something like – one swallow does not a summer make. Well umpteen of them were swooping, in fact in Scots you could say that there was a wheen o’ them, meaning a lot. I suppose that means that it is really summer, but not going by today’s weather it wasn’t!

Unfortunately they move too fast to get a photo of them, but a few hours later I was upstairs, still trying to unpack books and find places for them, when I realised that a deer was walking very close to our garden fence, I rushed to get the camera and was lucky that it was in no hurry to move on. Then I spotted another one following the first one. We’re certainly more rural here than in our old place.
Deer 2
The one above was a bit of a contortionist so it looks really weird. But the photo below looks more normal, I’ve seen more deer than ever before this year, often just standing in fields or lying down in the sun by the edge of fields.
Deer 1

I was thrilled to bits to see them but I suppose I’ll eventually get blase about them.

And here are some garden update photos. I’ve been busy trimming the grass edges and I’ve used the excess turf to make an oval in the grass, roughly the shape and place that I want to put a rockery, eventually. That’s going to be a long term project. You can see that I’ve begun to put the bones of the garden in place, in the shape of small trees. It’s beginning to feel like a garden already.
garden 1

The photo below is of the garden beyond the circle, we have decided to put some sort of structure on those concrete blocks, probably a summerhouse as that was what was there before, it’ll make a nice focal point. I suppose I should have taken my washing line down!

garden 2

Beyond the fence is the land where the deer were walking.

I’ve just looked up that quote and it turns out it was Aristotle who said it.

8 thoughts on “Swallows, Deer and Garden Update

  1. Wow! Deer over the fence, just imagine! I get excited when the squirrels are chasing one another round the tree or the fox is sunbathing on the roof of the shed, but to have deer so close by! I’m envious.
    I’m glad you’re beginning to visualise your new garden, so exciting to see it start to take shape.

    • Linda,
      I’ve seen squirrels in the woods but I’m sort of hoping they don’t find their way to our place, just in case they get too cheeky. When Laura was at Stirling Uni they invaded her kitchen regularly. I’d love to see a fox though. I’m adding plants just about every day so the garden is coming on fast.

  2. Hi Katrina. How lovely to have deer in the woods behind you! I get views of ducks and gulls on the river, the occasional dipper and a leaping fish sometimes!
    You sound like you are having good ideas about the garden. It looks quite big, so you’ll have a wide scope! As Linda – must be my Edinburgh friend Linda – says it is exciting to see it start to take shape.

    • Evee,
      The garden was a bit daunting as we didn’t realise that it was as big when we bought the place, we just remebered that it was a decent size, unlike all the other ones which were like pocket handkerchiefs. It’ll seem smaller by the time I get lots of plants in it. Yes it is your Linda, I’m jealous of her fox, but maybe I’d be frightened of leaving my door open if I saw one nearby!

  3. Your garden is coming along! And what a view over the fence! Good thing you have a tall fence or the deer would be visiting your garden I’m sure.

    • Stefanie,
      It is just as well it’s a tall fence. I’m a wee bit worried about rabbits finding their way under it, hopefully there’s so much for them to eat in the wild that they won’t bother with the gardens.

  4. So exciting! I love seeing wildlife. The only wildlife around here are feral cats and an occasional coyote. What a beautiful view you have.

    • Anbolyn,
      It is very nice not to be overlooked by other houses as all the other places that we looked at were, it’s a lovely area. The owls were very vocal at night and they sounded lonely but are much quieter now, maybe they’ve all found mates!

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