Visit Scotland – Orkney

Scapa Flow

One of the places we hope to visit this year is Orkney, doesn’t the photo of Scapa Flow above look great?! It’s all incredibly historic, or maybe I mean pre-historic.

The photo below is of Skara Brae, I’ve wanted to go there for years even although I thought it was just what you can see in the photo, but last week I saw it on TV and the site is much bigger than this. The dwellings are 5,000 years old.

Skara Brae

You can see lots more photos of Orkney on Visit Scotland here.

8 thoughts on “Visit Scotland – Orkney

  1. Gosh–the brilliant colors! How beautiful. I, too, have always wanted to visit the Orkneys. Definitely on my list. So many awe-inspiring places to visit in Scotland. My friends Anne and Rick are going this April and May on yet another hiking adventure in Scotland. This will be their 3rd or 4th–and they are always going to new places. I’ll look forward to hearing about any plans you have to visit the Orkneys.

    • Judith,
      There are English people who think that they will be able to ‘do’ Scotland in one day, but as your friends have discovered – there’s a lot to see and a lot of land to get around!

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