Frederica by Georgette Heyer

Frederica Merriville is the eldest daughter in her family and has been thrust into a position of authority due to their mother’s early death. Frederica is only in her 20s but has absolutely no ambitions for herself, beyond looking after her younger siblings. She’s determined to get her beautiful young sister Charis married off successfully and with this in mind she takes her off to London to launch her into high society.

The Marquis of Alverstoke is their very distant cousin, he’s in his 30s and very much the man about town, wealthy and fashionable and has had more than a few affairs but has managed to dodge marriage.

To Alverstoke’s astonishment he finds himself being charmed by his young relatives, particularly the youngest Merriville boy, Felix who is obsessed with steam and the technological advances of the day.

The story is heavily littered with Georgian slang and has plenty of humour. It reminded me of an English upper class version of O.Douglas’ books, which almost always feature a managing but young mother figure of motherless children, and particularly a cheery and lovable lad aged about ten.

A comfort read.

4 thoughts on “Frederica by Georgette Heyer

  1. I’m not quite sure why, but with few exceptions I completely forget the plot to Heyer’s regencies as soon as I finish them. I enjoy them whilst reading, but can’t remember them afterwards. I know I’ve read Frederica, but had to read your plot summary and still couldn’t quite peg it.

    She does provide a comfort read, that’s for sure!

    • JaneGS,
      I know what you mean, really I prefer her crime fiction as I always find romances a bit too predictable for my liking, but sometimes a simple comfort read just hits the spot, especially when you’re stressed as I am with all this moving house mayhem! I almost always write quite sketchy reviews, for fear of spoiling the book for any readers.

  2. I devoured Georgette Heyers when I was in my teens! Loved them! All the Plain Janes ended up making wonderful marriages! Hmmmm!!!

    • Evee,
      I must admit that I prefer her crime fiction but the Regency ones are good light reading when you can’t concentrate on much. Wishful thinking I suspect, but definitely – hmmm!

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