My Spring Garden

Flowers, my garden

There’s quite alot of colour in the garden at the moment, spring is definitely here as far as the flowers are concerned, but it started to snow not long after I took these photos!

daffodils, my garden

I haven’t planted many daffodils as there are so many wild ones growing in the woodland near my house, but these ones above are smaller and daintier than the more common daffs.

Flowers , my garden

The primroses and primulas do well here as they seed all around the place, I love getting plants for free! The hellebore below seems to be the only one thriving in the clay soil of my garden, at least two other varieties seem to have disappeared.

Flowers, my garden, hellebores

The red quince is flowering well as you can see but my white one is later, I hope it has survived our seemingly never ending winter.

quince  Flowers , my garden

The very slow growing holly below is supposedly suitable for rockeries, so far so good as I’m not great at hacking back shrubs, I feel their pain!

small holly, my garden

The tulips are flowering earlier than usual, very surprising given what our weather has been like and this pot has been frozen solid at times.
tulips, my garden

Not long after I took these photos it began to snow – such is life!

primulas, my garden

8 thoughts on “My Spring Garden

  1. All of these plants are so lovely. I love the primroses and the primulas especially. I have been taking pictures of my geraniums (pelargoniums) that have all bloomed profusely lately, which then made me notice all the weeds, which now I am working on.

    • tracybham,

      I’m not going to put out bedding plants such as pelargoniums for quite a while yet as they would not survive our weather. I feel your pain with the weeds, they never die in our cold and backing on to uncultivated land as we do we have just about every weed you can think of invading the garden!

  2. Spring has definitely arrived in your garden! It is looking lovely. I hope you didn’t get much snow and it melted quickly. We got snow on and off all day yesterday but it didn’t stick until last night, but thankfully it didn’t last long after that and we only had a dusting on the grass and cars this morning.

    • Stefanie,
      The snow lay on the grass and plants and was still there in the morning but melted by the afternoon.
      Amazingly these flowers survive our overnight frosts. We’ve had ice in the sink that I use as a bird bath most days this week until about noon. It is warming up – slowly, but at least now we can travel outside our own county after tomorrow so we can see family again.

  3. Katrina,
    How I luxuriate in your garden photos! I’m so grateful for them. Beautiful photos, thank you.
    Trying to get back into the blog and to communicating. I regret that the past couple of months my world got smaller and smaller and I didn’t have the gumption to keep going with the blog and keeping in touch with everyone or anyone, for that matter. But the books kept me living and breathing. I hope to post about more of the good ones.
    I do hope that things open up for you soon. I don’t know where you’re at these days with lock-downs, etc. Have you been able to get vaccinated?
    Best to you,

    • Judith,
      I’m looking forward to reading about the books you’ve enjoyed recently. Today was the first day that we were allowed to travel outside our own county, so we drove to visit family in Perthshire and had fish and chips together – out in the garden as we’re not supposed to go indoors when we visit, except to go to the loo! It was even great just to see some different scenery. We’ve both had our first ‘jag’ and should get the second one within a few weeks I think. AstraZeneca for me and J got the Pfizer.

      • Katrina,
        I’m so relieved to hear that you’re both on your way with full vaccinations. And your visit to family in Perthshire sounds wonderful. At least to finally be together again. Any idea of how long it will be before you can safely visit your grand-daughter?
        One thing about this pandemic for me. I can’t stand a day when I haven’t been able to read for at least 3 hours. And I prefer more! I don’t see that this is going to change, Katrina.

        • Judith,

          I’ve been reading an awful lot too, but all that sitting down ended up with me getting a really sore back! I now make sure I move around a bit every hour or so! We can visit Edinburgh any time now so will be seeing Isobel again very soon, we saw her just before Easter when they visited us, apparently that was allowed as parents with very young children were allowed support from family members if needed! Alex our d-i-l has had her first jag.

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